Wednesday, September 7, 2011

59 days left

end of day 1 and i haven't ripped anyone's face off today. i'm pretty pleased with the way i feel. not tired, not cranky, not hungry. at the end of my first day of the beachbody fast i was seriously angry and food was all i could think about. this is different.

now for the downside... i don't love the juice. i made the mean green recipe used in the documentary and took it to work. the more i sipped at it, the harder it got to deal with it. it has kind of a freshly mowed grass flavor, with a touch of sweetness. i was prepared for that. what i wasn't ready for was the heavy salt flavor added by the celery. then i came home at lunchtime and made a batch of another recipe on the reboot website. this one had a sweet potato, beet, carrot, orange, and apple in it. it tasted like straight beet juice with a touch of sweet potato. awful. i choked down one glass. a friend told me to try adding a citrus fruit to the mean green to help with the taste. so i went to the store and got oranges and a pineapple. i added orange juice to the rest of the beet recpie and it's palatable now. and i made tomorrow's batch of mean green with a little less celery, and added the juice of 2 oranges. it also seemed better. trial and error i suppose.

i shopped at the local farmer's market today expecting some great deals. when i went to giant eagle later i saw that most of what i bought at the market was cheaper at the store. i guess i'll take solace in the fact that it's locally grown without pesticides. but since it was a melon and 8 cucumbers (thick skins) that barely matters anyway. live and learn.

so i know it's only been one day, but i am really thrilled that the mental aspect was so easy. i even sat next to my brother while he ate cheese sticks and a salad from a favorite italian restaurant. i weighed myself and took my measurements. i'm ready for day 2. i hope it feels as good as day one, and i hope it tastes better!

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