Friday, September 9, 2011

57 days left

today was a raging success. not only did i resist all temptation, but i was a phenom on the golf course! seriously i was awake at 4am last night stressing about not eating the steak and about not hitting a decent ball. but i breezed through the cold-cuts and chips lunch without blinking an eye, downed two bottles of mean green juice on the course, and played halfway decently considering my skill-level. then i bolted before i made eye contact with any form of beef. my friend who i was golfing with even waved his cookie in my face and it didn't devastate me.

after golf i went to aldi to check out their produce. finally, a sort-of success. it's not like they're giving it away, but in the past 4 days i have been to walmart, giant eagle, beuhler's and the farmer's market, and aldi definitely had the best prices. came home and made a delish citrus juice to reward myself for a good day, then i made a batch of mean green and a haphazard v8 type for tomorrow.

last night i had a dream that someone gave me ice cream with brownies in it and i started eating it without remembering my juice fast. even though this is going well i have total anxiety about it. about if i can sustain it, about if i can afford it, about if i'll have time to make the next day's juice, about how i'll navigate social situations. sometimes i wish i could go to the store and buy my juice pre-made. but i think the novelty of making it myself kind of keeps this interesting, even though it's a total messy pain. my mom filed a complaint that everything in the house has been sticky this week.

i'll leave you with my very refreshing juice of the day:

2 oranges
1/2 lemon
1 small lime

if you love sour like i love sour, you will ask this juice to marry you!


  1. I'm about to start juicing glad you are only a couple days ahead of me! Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  2. good luck to you! what is your goal for number of days?