Thursday, September 29, 2011

41 days left

ok, today felt like a deep breath. i am mostly recovered from my psychosis. i had some good pep talks from my mom and some friends. i didn't feel angry or starved today. i didn't have any edamame, but i did eat a few lima beans at my friend's house, and some iceberg lettuce with red wine vinegar and garlic on it. i'm ok with these things. they keep me feeling full, give me some protein and fiber, and they're healthy. or at least not detrimental. for the most part i just had juice and water today.

but tomorrow starts another weekend of difficulty. there's another pre-game meal at my house. i'm also invited to my friend's house before the game where they are having pumpkin cake and who knows what else. after the game i'm going to an alumni party (it's homecoming) where my ticket price includes food and beer. then saturday i'm going to the ohio state football game which includes 4 hours of tailgating. sigh. if my friend EVEN suggests stopping at skyline chili on the way home i'm dead meat.

i feel like i've been nothing but negative this week, so i'll touch on some good things. when i was walking in NYC i noticed that my arms weren't brushing against any rolls of fat above my waist. i used to have this "back bacon" that i wasn't really fully aware of until it was gone. i kept thinking, "something feels different," and i finally realized my arms were freely clearing the sides of my body. this morning i took my brand new jeans out of the dryer and put them right on without having to do any squats to stretch them. and they are in what (for me) is a respectable size. i.e. not the largest size on the shelf at old navy. when i got out of my car at the gym, i felt like my workout shorts were weird. i realized they were hanging lower than normal and needed the drawstring tightened. oh, and also, i found this picture of baby pandas snuggling each other. and while that has nothing to do with juice or weight loss, it definitely made my day better!

so thanks for sticking by me while i've gone through this tough week. i promise not to give up on me if you don't give up on me. good luck this weekend to all of my fellow juicers/rebooters.

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