Wednesday, September 21, 2011

45 days left

well today was totally sucky, but it didn't have anything to do with juicing. it was just a bad, bad day.

but there was one really amazing bright spot, courtesy of my friend debbie. you've read about her along the way. she inspired me to do this, and has supported me with helpful links, information and advice. she read about the raw vegan restaurant i plan to eat at in NYC and sent me some money so i'd be able to afford an extra special meal. that gesture meant so much to me. it's overwhelming to think about her being proud of me and truly caring how my days go. debbie's husband dick was one of the most important people in my life, and he passed away last summer. debbie's friendship is his enduring gift to me. she too has become one of the most important people in my life.

after my (otherwise) bad day i just came home and laid in my bed and watched tv. after a couple of hours my mom came to tell me there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. it made me feel a little better. how can you look at something so random, so pretty, and still feel ugly on the inside? so thank you debbie and thank you rainbow for cheering me up today!

speaking of rainbows, i have been making an effort to drink one every day. i read that it's important to try to drink every color, every day. but i always fail on "blue." have you seen the cost of blueberries? to get enough juice to be worthwhile, i'd be spending $40 a week just on blue bleepin' berries! but between my lean green and my tomato-based juices, i hit all of the other colors. is there anything else that's blue that i'm not thinking of??? schnozberries?

and finally, i have this week's weigh-in result: i lost 4.3 pounds. i am thrilled with this, as i met my 4.2 pound goal. that means that in my first 14 days of juicing i lost 13.3 pounds. i need to lose 9.5 pounds to be back below my lowest "recent" weight, in may 2010. that's my next small goal. when i reach it, i'm buying new jeans. i'll try to keep them dry.

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