Tuesday, September 13, 2011

7 weeks left

that's right, loyal readers: week one is in the books! and today could not have been a better juice day! i went to dover healthy alternatives on my way to work to see if they had any bottled juices that would work for me. jackpot! i got a bottle of organic apple juice that simply contains the juice of 3lb of apples. i splurged on a bottle of organic concord grape juice by the same company (lakewood), and then saw they make organic v8-type vegetable juice and snagged that. it also contains the juice of 3lb of vegetables. on a whim i picked up a bottle of coconut water with aloe vera in it. i had just read about the benefits of consuming aloe over the weekend and was stoked to find this in the cooler. my total was $19.21. that probably sounds like a lot, but let me say this. the produce for juicing has been costing me around $12 per day, and it takes me around 45 minutes to make the juice. i was thrilled to get delicious, organic juice for only a few extra dollars that i didn't have to make myself. and the bottles were large enough that i have some left for tomorrow. i'll have to make a mean green tomorrow after work, but that's ok.

so here's the best part. the veggie juice was nice and thick with little bits of onion and garlic in it. after a couple of drinks a lightbulb went on. i warmed it up in the microwave slightly and ate it with a spoon like tomato soup. it felt like eating real food, and i had two big servings. i was careful to only slightly warm it, as vegetables lose massive amounts of their valuable micro-nutrients when they are cooked or heated. if only i could have had a dover high school cafeteria grilled cheese with the hard crust and gooey greasy center with my soup!

after work i went to zumba and yoga and truly felt great. the coconut water is full of potassium and made a great workout beverage tonight. when i got home i took a nice long bubble bath, which has become one of my go-to activities when i am bored and craving crap.

so tomorrow is the big day...my one week weigh-in. if you see me eating a big mac tomorrow around noon, you'll know it was something like a pound or two. if it's 5 or more, i'll be heading back to dover heathy alternatives for more veggie juice and coconut water!

if you're interested in the coconut water, click here. and check this out to learn about  lakewood organic juices.

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