Tuesday, September 20, 2011

46 days left

***WARNING - this blog entry contains explicit food references! Rated NSFHJ - not suitable for hungry juicers***

pictured to the left is the meal i am going to eat in new york city this weekend. instead of stressing about "will i or won't i eat," i have made the decision to eat a meal. i found a raw vegan restaurant called quintessence. according to the many reviews i mentally binged on last night, the mexican platter is the best thing going:

Our incredibly delicious enchilada - golden flax and corn tortilla filled with "refried beans", "cheese", tomato and lettuce drenched with mole sauce and finished with a dollop of "sour crème" paired with our new amazing tostada. Served with Guajillo chili sauce and garlic scallion wild rice.

ok, so they don't get any points from me for comma placement, but i will happily try this meal. by saturday i will be on day 18 of the fast, almost 33% finished, and i feel like i can have a meal without blowing the whole thing. but i am keeping it raw and vegan as to not confuse my body too much. i'm so excited to try something like this.

i should note that before writing this blog, i was checking out this link to the top 10 new foods at fairs.  i am intrigued by deep fried butter on a stick and buffalo chicken wrapped in a pancake deep fried on a stick. i do admit to loving any foods that are served on sticks! this is why i'll be steering clear of my county's fair this week.

today i was hungry. i drank juice ALL DAY. there was almost never a moment when i didn't have juice in front of me. i don't know what my problem was. after zumba and yoga i warmed up a bowl of "very veggie" and ate it like tomato soup. my dad said, "are you eating food?" i said i was eating warm juice, and he scrunched up his face and said, "that's not healthy, you need some food." finally my dad weighs in! i said, "being fat isn't healthy," and he didn't say anything else.

today i decided that i'm married to this "arrangement" for the whole 60 days. i'm committing to it like a spouse. while i may have a wandering eye, i will not cheat on it. except we have a special agreement regarding the vegan meal this weekend. it's kind of like that list of "five celebrities you have no chance with so you can sleep with them if you're asked" that some couples have. i might need to put melt bar and grilled on that list too, because it's my favorite place in the world to eat, and my friend's boyfriend owns it so sometimes "melt happens." the good news is they have vegan options....even though i really want the grilled cheese sandwich with lasagna on it and some pumpkin pecan bread pudding. melt's menu is hardcore food porn. for example, that entire sandwich in the picture has been deep fried. luckily for my non-pissed-in favorite jeans, it doesn't come on a stick.


  1. I am so glad I found your blog. I just finished day 4, and Reading your first 4 days sounded so familiar. My biggest problem right now is finding a juice i can stand to drink. I can only swallow like 2 20 oz bottles a day so far... I am losing weight, but I know its not good and I need to drink more juice.

  2. hi forrest! i have struggled as well with drinking enough juice. i have definitely surpassed the 80/20 ratio of fruit and veggies. but i figure i need those calories, so i'm ok with that, and i'm still losing weight. do you have a health food store in your area? check into the lakewood brand of organic juices. they have helped me so much. i drink one or two bottles of their "lean green" every day which amounts to 300 or 600 calories, in addition to my other juices. it's so much better than the fat/sick/dead lean green! i emailed the company for additional info and they sent me a study showing that pasteurization does not deplete as much of the nutrients as the hardcores would lead you to believe. the key to lasting on a juice fast is to enjoy what you are drinking! good luck, and i hope to talk more as we go through this together!