Thursday, September 8, 2011

58 days left

well. day 2 is over and i have to say....not too bad. i am hungry right now and it started with a mounds bar commercial. the dumb thing is that i don't even really like those. if i was going to go to the candy bar store right now for a 2 minute shopping spree, mounds bars would remain on the shelf untouched alongside paydays and peanut butter snickers. which, for the record, are a crock of shit. they look great on paper, but your candy bar dollar would be better spent on a take 5. just sayin'.

i wonder if i could cram one of those through a juicer...

anyway. i weighed this morning and was down 3.5 pounds from yesterday. water weight, obviously, but still a welcome sight. i added some orange juice to today's mean green recipe and that made it MUCH better. i wasn't hungry all day, even after zumba. and i didn't feel nutrient deprived when i worked out.

i can say that i woke up and went straight for the bathroom without hitting snooze, if you know what i mean.

tonight i made tomorrow's juice. i screwed it up and put in too much ginger. so after cleaning the whole juicer i had to shove a lemon, an orange and 2 cucumbers through it to mix with the mean green to make it decent. it's still too gingery. i think i'm going to try a batch without ginger and see what happens.

i intended for tonight's blog to be a short rundown of today's juice info and then mostly a list of reasons why i want to lose weight. but i think i'm too tired. it started during zumba when i was thinking about how i want to lose 10 pounds fast so i can fit back into my favorite jeans. if i can do that in 2 weeks time i'll put them on and them piss right in them out of happiness.

tomorrow is my first real test. i'm playing in a golf outing...lunch, steak dinner, etc....all will have to be turned down. it's going to be tough. no beer on the golf course? gah.

i feel like this blog is super boring. luckily i've only given the link to one person so far. i'll try to spruce it up in the future.

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