Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the last supper

tonight is either the eve of an epic success or an epic failure. there's likely no middle ground.

for quite some time my friend debbie has talked to me about the benefits of a raw diet and juice fasts or feasts. more and more i began seeing other friends discuss it on facebook. finally i watched the documentary "fat, sick and nearly dead," and i was sold. 60 days of nothing but fresh vegetable and fruit juice is changing lives worldwide. i have tried every other stupid diet, why not try one more? i think some people have to be convinced about the science, the nutrition. i'm sold on that part. it's simply a matter of "can i do this?" i did a 2 day beachbody fast in the spring and nearly ripped a few heads off. so the thought of 60 days is a major undertaking. no alcohol, no caffeine, no food. just juice and water. 60 days.

earlier today i was thinking about all of the men and women in america who have left their friends and families and gone off to the middle east to fight in a war for a year or more. if they can survive that, who am i to think that i can't go 60 days without FOOD? it's food. i've had 33 years to consume more than my fair share of it, and it will exist for the rest of my life. 60 days to lower my cholesterol, my blood sugar, my blood pressure. 60 days to lose flab. to detox. to regain control of my body and life. just 60 days.

i had a stressful day and i didn't eat anything. around 3 i decided i would not eat anything today to ease myself into the juice fast tomorrow. but then i went to zumba, then to the grocery store to pick up my juicer and all of the produce i'd need for the first 2 days. grocery aisle induced starvation started to set it. then i got home and found out my mom's lasagna was in the house. after prepping all of my veggies and cleaning and practicing on my juicer, i decided to have my last supper. i made a big salad and used real ranch dressing. i put 2 pieces of lasagna on my plate with a piece of garlic bread and a can of root beer. luckily for my gut, i was only able to finish the salad, half a piece of lasagna, and 2 bites of bread. i assume that tomorrow at this time i'll wish i'd finished it all.

and now here i am. 11:11pm, and i have 49 more minutes to eat before day 1 begins. the fact that i'm thinking about cramming more crap into my already-full belly should tell you everything about why i NEED to make this work. i know the next few days will be difficult. i started this blog as a means of venting. but if along the way you learn something or just enjoy reading it, all the better.

Sunday, November 6th will be day 61. The first day I can eat food again. The day before my 34th birthday. I want to start my 34th year in a new, better place. Physically, emotionally, spiritually. Tomorrow is the first step.

If you are interested in learning more about the juice diet, you can watch "fat, sick and nearly dead" on netflix, or on amazon.com's instant video for $2.99.

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